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Meet the Therapist: Emma Snow

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What do you specialize in?

I specialize in individuals experiencing burnout and difficulty navigating the everyday stressors of life, as well as couples experiencing stress and communication issues. In our modern world, people are experiencing more stress than ever. While there are many things to celebrate about technology and social media, it has also created an era of pressure to be in constant communication with others, comparing ourselves to our peers, trying to do too much, worrying about the news, and other sources of stress. Therapy can help us cope with the negative effects of stress and gain a new perspective on our relationship with the world. Our own well-being not only affects ourselves, but also the way we interact with and relate to others. I believe that when we are our healthiest selves, our relationships benefit, too.

What can clients expect when they first come to therapy? How would you describe a a typical session with you?

When a client first comes to a therapy session with me, they can expect to sit back, relax, and ease into the setting for the first few minutes of the session. I believe that you should feel comfortable with your therapist. For some people this means knowing a little more about the therapist, but others may feel comfortable not knowing much at all. For this reason, after I go over some logistics and tell you a little bit about myself, I will ask if you have any questions about me before moving on. For the remainder of the first session, I will try to get to know you and your reason for coming to therapy a little better. We may talk about what you want to get out of therapy and come up with some goals together. All of this will give me a better sense of what needs to be included in our treatment plan.

For continued sessions, I usually begin each session by asking the client what they think would be most helpful to talk about that day. This can be a specific thing they have struggled with over the week, something they have been thinking about, or just venting about their week- whatever feels most beneficial to them. Every session, I will weave in a relevant topic from our treatment plan, however I try to do this as organically as possible.

What is your personal style as a therapist?

My personal style as a therapist is relaxed and flexible. I will always have my treatment plan to refer to, but I want the session to be whatever it needs to be for the client that day. I like to give clients the freedom to use our session time the way they want while also making sure they leave each session with something new to try or to think about before the next session. Unlike high school, the homework is strongly encouraged but entirely optional.

How have you seen therapy benefit your clients?

I have seen therapy benefit my clients in many ways. This has ranged from just having a private space to talk to creating boundaries in relationships to gaining an entirely new perspective on life. As long as you are open to the process, it can be beneficial.

What do you think are the most important considerations when looking for a therapist?

When looking for a therapist, personality fit goes a long way. Give it more than one session to make up your mind, but if you don’t click with your therapist after a couple of sessions, do not hesitate to tell them it isn’t a good fit. Not everyone is everyone’s cup of tea- a fact that most therapists know very well. After all, we want what is best for you! Apart from that, logistics such as cost and availability of the therapist matching your own are important things to consider.

What do you hope your clients walk away with?

I hope my clients walk away from each session feeling heard, understood, and respected. I think I am only doing a good job of supporting them in the way that they need if they feel these things. I also hope my clients walk away with a feeling of hopefulness, even when some sessions feel heavier than others. Nothing can be done without hope that it can.

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