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Mindfulness Sampler 101: How to be aware

Debunk mindful myths & learn 5 easy techniques for living more mindfully

Join us for an experiential workshop introducing you to 5 easy and accessible techniques for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life. This mindfulness sampler is facilitated by two experienced Kalamazoo Therapy Group therapists who incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their personal and professional lives on a daily basis. Get ready for some breathing, laughter, and even laundry while we debunk some common myths about mindfulness and meditation and help support you in creating a sustainable mindfulness practice that fits with your own daily life.

Attendees will learn

  • How to define mindfulness, meditation, and mindful living to reduce barriers to living more mindfully
  • Benefits of mindfulness related to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being to help you stay motivated to continue practicing at home
  • 5 accessible ways to practice mindfulness at home or at work

All attendees will receive a customized mindfulness workbook for this workshop and a pen. This interactive and educational workshop is capped at 10 participants in order to support group discussion. Seats are limited.

About your teachers

Emily Dean (M.A., LLPC) uses breathwork and body awareness regularly in her work as a therapist with adult and adolescent individuals. In her counseling practice, she specializes in sexuality counseling, sexual trauma, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Emily enjoys using an Internal Family Systems approach that supports clients in creatively connecting with the different conscious and subconscious parts of themselves using the foundations of mindfulness.

Kelsey Nimmo (M.A., LPC, LMFT, CST) uses mindful awareness regularly in her work as a therapist with couples. In her counseling practice, she specializes in marriage counseling and sex therapy. Kelsey has a daily meditation practice, has studied mindfulness for over a decade, and has attended silent meditation retreats and mindfulness trainings. She enjoys using body awareness and mindfulness to support clients in consciously connecting with their own internal wisdom which can guide them in finding peace and creating positive changes in their lives, regardless of their external circumstances.