Kalamazoo Therapy Group

Offering Confidential Video Teletherapy Sessions

We are here to support you! Our clinicians are currently accepting new clients for online telehealth and in-person services.

Individual Counseling

A safe and supportive space to create positive long-lasting changes for yourself, your relationships and your mental health.

Couples Counseling

Guidance, education, and support in improving your long-term relationship functioning, intimacy, and overall happiness.

Kalamazoo Therapy Group stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement against systemic racism.

We believe racial injustices need to be acknowledged and purposefully abolished.

We stand for BLM and encourage our community to do the same.


Learn to calm your body and manage life’s overwhelming stressors.


Challenge your behavior and thoughts to support the life you want to live.

Sex Therapy

Rekindle the romance, improve your sexual satisfaction, and learn how to communicate about sex with your partner.

Grief & Loss

Process times of transition and learn to thrive in your new normal.

Our Mission

To encourage the autonomy of every client in crafting a life experience that feels fulfilling, happy, healthy, and pleasurable.

To assist clients in observing their negative patterns so as to instigate positive change.

To create a safe and trustworthy space for clients to be open and honest with themselves about what they can control and what they can’t.

To hold hope for positive change and offer direction when the client feels lost.

To facilitate education and practical tools for clients to learn a new and improved way of interacting with the world.

To explore life experiences, beliefs, values, and personalities without shame or judgment.

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