Individual Counseling

Working one-on-one with a professional will enable you to start making positive changes towards living your best self. With compassion, education, professionalism, playfulness, and confidentiality, your therapist will help you to co-create a therapeutic relationship that can foster growth and courage for change.


Relationship Counseling

We heal and grow in relation to others. Love is the source of our greatest happiness and our deepest hurt. If your relationship is struggling or is starting to feel like it needs a tune-in, your therapist will help you to learn what the research tells us about successful partnerships. With the relationship as the client, your therapist will guide you down a path of learning, practicing, erroring, and recovering. You’ll learn improved communication skills and conflict management while also strengthening your emotional and physical intimacy.


Sex Therapy

Inseparable from every part of relationship counseling, sex therapy works to improve passion and romance in a partnership, improve quality of physical affection and intimacy, learn affirming language for sexual health, and provide psychoeducation regarding sexual functioning. Clients who seek sex therapy may have concerns including (but not limited to) lack of passion, pregnancy/postpartum, aging, lack of sexual pleasure, low sexual desire, pain disorders, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual trauma, or negative beliefs regarding sex.


Premarital Courses

An 8-week course designed to prepare you for the lifetime commitment of marriage. Based on research and proven outcomes, the program will challenge your false beliefs about relationships, provide research-based education to teach you how to create a successful and loving partnership, identify and practice tools and techniques to improve and maintain emotional intimacy, develop practical ways to approach future conflicts and struggles, and provide a strong foundation for physical passion and satisfaction.


Becoming Parents Classes

Research tells us that relationships consistently experience a drastic decline in relationship satisfaction during the transition and early years of parenthood. No matter how soon or far your baby is due, this course is the relationship counterpart to Childbirth Education Classes. Spread out over 6 workshops to accommodate your busy lives, each 4-hour workshop will prepare you and strengthen your relationship to be able to sustain the stress of new parenthood and early postpartum days. Break through cultural myths that might be promoting fear and disconnection, learn how to use pregnancy and birth to intensify your bond with your partner, and explore common challenges, misconceptions, and tips and tricks for the life with a new baby. This course will help teach you what to look for and how to address relationship challenges and conflicts due to your new roles and identities. Workshops are offered mornings, evenings, and weekends.

Professional Workshops

Sex Therapy – Level 1: This 2-day training for mental health and medical professionals is an introduction to sex therapy. Topics will include: history of sex therapy field, defining sexual health and sex therapy, cultural competency, anatomy of sexual functioning, and commonly presenting problems.

Sex Therapy – Level 2: This 2-day training for mental health and medical professionals is a follow-up to the level 1 introduction workshop. Previous attendance to the level 1 training is required. Attendees will learn more about assessment, commonly presenting problems and etiology, and assessment for intervention.

Sex Therapy – Level 3: This 2-day training for mental health and medical professionals is a follow-up to the level 2 workshop. Previous attendance to levels 1 and 2 trainings is required. This training is focused on integrating sex therapy into relationship counseling. Attendees will learn more about assessment within the partnership, special considerations for sex therapy within relationship counseling, commonly presenting problems and etiology, and assessment for intervention.


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