Standing strong with the black community.

Offering confidential video teletherapy sessions.

While we regularly work with individuals and couples around the state and country through video as well as face-to-face, all sessions will temporarily be moved to video to assist in the prevention of both exposure to our clients as well as overload to our healthcare system.

If you or someone you know is seeking support during this encouraged period of social distancing, please contact us and we will do our best to connect you with therapists who are able to work remotely.

Counseling Services

Read more about therapy for individuals and couples in the state of Michigan seeking support in creating positive long-lasting changes for yourself, your relationships and your mental health.

Relationship Coaching

Read more about coaching services and packages for individuals and couples outside of Michigan seeking guidance and direction in improving your long-term relationship functioning, intimacy, and overall happiness.

Workshops & Classes

Read more about weekend workshops and available classes to create realistic expectations for marriage and parenthood in a way that will create long-term closeness, connection, and intimacy.

Professional Trainings

Read more about three levels of sex therapy introductory trainings for mental health professionals to create more competent care for sexual health and satisfaction with your clients.


Our Mission

To encourage the autonomy of every client
in crafting a life experience that feels
fulfilling, happy, healthy, and pleasurable.

To assist clients in observing their negative patterns
so as to instigate positive change.

To create a safe and trustworthy space for clients
to be open and honest with themselves about
what they can control and what they can’t.

To hold hope for positive change
and offer direction when the client feels lost.

To facilitate education and practical tools for
clients to learn a new and improved way
of interacting with the world.

To explore life experiences, beliefs, values,
and personalities without shame or judgment.