While our counseling services were exclusively telehealth throughout 2020, some of our therapists have now returned to in-person sessions. If you’re interested in meeting face-to-face with your therapist, contact our office to see who is currently accepting in-person clients. All of our therapists are also still offering online counseling. We are here to support you!

Face-to-Face Therapy During COVID

If you choose to meet in-person with your therapist, rest assured that we are protecting you (and us) as best as we can. Kalamazoo Therapy Group adheres to the current Michigan state laws and regulations regarding masks. We also:

  • Sanitize each office and waiting space using air purifiers and wand sanitizers with UV light, spray sanitizers, and bleach wipes
  • Conduct frequent deep cleaning of the office by a third-party contractor
  • Provide hand sanitizer and disposable masks as necessary


We are located at 1901 Parkview Ave Suite 1, Kalamazoo MI 49008

Please park on the south side of the building (next to the Rich gas station). We are on the lower level of the building, down one half flight of stairs. If you need to cancel or have a difficult time finding us, please contact your therapist via email or call us at (269) 225-5148.