Therapist in Training
Jumoi-Antonio Reid

Jumoi-Antonio is a therapist-in-training (intern) and would only be available for short-term counseling. His internship ends in August 2022.

Interns are counselors in training who have completed all of their coursework for their Master’s Degree and are finishing the last internship required for their program. They are supervised both through their University as well as on-site at Kalamazoo Therapy Group by Kelsey Nimmo (Clinical Director).

Interns cannot accept insurance and instead work on a reduced-rate sliding scale between $20 and $50 per session (similar to a copay).

They might be a good option if you need an inexpensive counseling option, are interested in shorter-term therapy, and/or want to help a new budding therapist grow their skills!

I received my bachelor’s degree at Oakland University, majoring in Psychology and receiving a minor in Sociology in 2018. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Counseling Education, with the focus in Marriage, Family, and Couple’s Therapy. For my Practicum I worked in an elementary school working with children as young as 4 and as old as 10. For 2 years I have worked as a Patient sitter at Beaumont Hospital. That experience has allowed me to work with many individuals from various races and ages.

I apply the approach of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. I believe in solving the problem brought to me by clients then and there in a way that is present and future-oriented.

I truly believe everyone has the means to improve and solve the issues they come across within them. I want to serve as a guide to get them there.

The human capacity for growth and self-improvement is something to marvel and I know everyone has it in them.

If you are in crisis, contact 911 or 211. Our therapists are not able to provide therapy or respond timely to emergencies through voicemails or emails.

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