LaCretisha McDole, Therapist

Meet the Therapist: LaCretisha McDole

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What do you specialize in?

I have specialized training in couples, marriage, and family counseling. I have experience providing clinical services in university counseling centers, private practice, and other mental health settings. My work with individuals, couples, and families involves enhancing personal awareness and insight, strengthening communication skills, establishing healthy boundaries, healing from past hurts, improving coping skills, and increasing compassion towards self and others.

What can clients expect when they first come to therapy? How would you describe a typical session with you?

The first session is designed for us to get acquainted and determine if the therapeutic relationship will be a good fit. I will ask you questions to learn about what brought you into counseling, concerns or apprehensions you may have about counseling, and what you hope to get out of counseling. To gain insight into the dynamics of your presenting concern(s), I will ask questions pertaining to your history and background (e.g., medical history, mental health history, family background, history of substance use, history of abuse or trauma, etc.).

You will have the opportunity to ask me questions about my training, clinical experience, and my approach to counseling. We will discuss confidentiality, counselor and client expectations, boundaries of the therapeutic relationship, your rights as a client, and logistics.

Subsequent sessions will involve developing a treatment plan and strengthening the therapeutic relationship. Counseling sessions will be guided by your unique needs and goals for counseling. Guided meditations, activities, and exercises may be incorporated in counseling sessions.

What is your personal style as a therapist?

With a personal style that is warm, empathetic, respectful, and collaborative, I guide my clients in self-reflection and self-discovery by posing questions, sharing observations, drawing connections to offer explanation and meaning, and nurturing their capacity to effectively navigate the complex challenges of life.

How have you seen therapy benefit your clients?

It has brought me sincere joy to witness clients transform challenges into opportunities for growth and healing, experience a heightened level of peace, find direction, and regain a sense of control in their lives. I believe that when you commit yourself to the therapeutic process, you will reap lasting benefits.

What do you think are the most important considerations when looking for a therapist?

When searching for the right therapist, I encourage you to ask questions that will help you determine “the right fit” (Can you tell me about your training? What experience do you have working with someone with similar concerns as mine? How do you think therapy can help me?) Seek a therapist/counselor who you feel is genuine, competent in your area of need, safe to be vulnerable with, and someone you look forward to seeing.

What do you hope your clients walk away with?

I hope my clients walk away feeling worthy, a sense of purpose, capable of self-directed growth, and equipped to manage life’s obstacles.

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