Hi! My name is Louie and I am a dachshund. I’m almost 3 years old, but I have puppy energy. I go to work with my owner, Carlye M., most days because I enjoy car rides. I am pretty shy at work and spend most of my time sleeping under the desk so you won’t even notice me, but when I’m not at work I’m actually quite playful.

Some of my favorite activities are playing fetch…nonstop, walking in nature, running around with my favorite soccer ball, asking for treats by posing while standing by my treat cupboard, and snuggling. When I am in a familiar yard with supervision, I like to sprint along the fence line to show everyone how fast I am.

Fun Fact: I still get to hang out with my mom and my siblings so sometimes there are as many as 6 of us dachshunds all in one place!