Finding a clinical supervisor as a Limited Licensed Counselor (previously Limited Licensed Professional Counselor) or Limited Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Michigan can be a difficult process. In order to fulfill the requirements for your full licensure, you need to find a qualified LPC or LMFT to supervise your LLC or LLMFT license until you complete your hours. This supervisory relationship is an amazingly important component in the formation of your professional self and provides needed guidance to feel confident in your skills as a therapist.

What is supervision?

Clinical supervision is a safe and supportive space to process experiences as a new therapist and receive guidance in establishing self-awareness and improved clinical skills. This collaborative process between supervisor and supervisee allows you the opportunity to self-reflect, as well as learn and practice new skills for your personal practice.

The counseling supervision process is a long-term relationship where your supervisor acts as teacher, mentor, and personal cheerleader. The goal of this process is to assist you in creating your own style of therapy, challenge you to grow, and help you become the therapist you are meant to be. Your supervisor will provide you with helpful feedback based on your self-report of work with clients that will increase your confidence, competence, and self-awareness as a counselor.

Supervision will include many of the following benefits to supervisees:

  • Consulting regarding client care and treatment planning
  • Understand impact of personal experiences, personality, and biases on the therapeutic approach
  • Crafting your personal identity, style, beliefs, and practices as a counselor
  • Introductions and integration of new therapeutic skills you may not have previous experience with through your graduate program or other practical experiences
  • Supporting and improving your relationship with clients
  • Improve understanding of professionalism, ethics, and legal/professional standards according to the state of Michigan and your governing ethics code

Who would be my supervisor?

Our therapist supervisors offer unique perspectives as supervisors by integrating their training and experiences in many different styles and modalities of practice to support their supervisees in finding their own approach as a therapist.

Kelsey Nimmo (MA, LMFT, LPC, CST) is approved by the state of Michigan to be a supervisor for both LLCs and LLMFTs seeking full licensure. Kelsey is a Certified Sex Therapist and specializes in couples counseling, relationship issues, pregnancy/postpartum, and birth trauma. Kelsey is currently accepting new supervisees and is the on-site supervisor for LLCs and LLMFTs at Kalamazoo Therapy Group.

How does supervision work?

Supervision is conducted in a weekly, biweekly, or monthly group format — based on current ongoing group schedules. This group format allows you the opportunity to not only receive guidance, suggestions, and feedback from your supervisor, but also from your peers. Group sizes will be limited to 4 supervisees to allow space and time for each supervisee to present client cases and contribute to peer reflection.

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