Relationship & Love Coaching

An evidence-based approach to
transforming your relationship
Unique expertise in sexual health, sexuality,
and sex therapy to improve your
sex life with more passion, desire, and pleasure
Science-based skills, techniques, and tools
to create long-lasting friendship and passion
Guidance and support as you reach
a deeper level of intimacy and connection
A confidential space to explore and embrace
the greatest potential for your partnership

You have already waited long enough.

A connected, intimate, happy relationship is waiting for you just around the corner. A relationship that empowers you, rejuvenates you, and excites you. Researchers tell us that couples often wait 6 years before reaching out for support. That is 6 years too long.

You deserve a relationship worth bragging about.

You might be feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, and tired. Perhaps you are fighting more than you’d like or you are going to bed angry with each other. Maybe you’re afraid you’ve grown apart and you don’t think you have things to talk about anymore. Perhaps your career, parenthood, grief, or other life events have drawn you apart. You probably miss feeling closer but you aren’t sure how to get back to what you had before. Your sex is probably less enjoyable but you don’t know how to talk about it.

You need an expert to help you get back on track.

We are taught that relationships should be easy. Effortless. Natural. Yet we learn nothing about what to do when they aren’t feeling easy.
You have a mechanic for your car, an accountant for your finances, a physical trainer for your work outs, a teacher for your kids, a designer for your home, and a gardener for your lawn. You even have a coach for your business – and yet your relationship satisfaction and stress can so greatly impact your ability to perform in your work! Why wouldn’t you have a trained communication and intimacy expert for your relationship?

Your relationship is needing a tune up.

Relationships flow through developmental stages just as children do, with each developmental stage carrying its own unique set of challenges. With coaching, you’ll experience a life-giving transformation for your relationship no matter how long you have been with your partner. Are you ready to reach the highest potential for this relationship stage and the ones to come?
You’ve probably tried things on your own to feel closer to your partner, have more fun in the relationship, communicate what is important to you, and figure out how to have better sex. But most of your own efforts and waiting probably have yielded less benefit and growth than the amount of effort you put in. The truth is, you probably don’t have the best examples around you of healthy happy relationships. Few of us do. So if you’re going to work so hard towards improvement, it’s time to work more efficiently.

You’re ready to learn what works.

Through working with Kelsey Nimmo, a trained and licensed professional, you will learn more about your current partnership as well as explore your expectations for long-term commitment and how those might be impacting you today. You’ll also learn about evidence-based approaches to improving intimacy, friendship, affection, communication, and overall satisfaction in your relationship.
Improving your relationship requires a great deal of self-growth. Through the coaching process, you’ll be asked to challenge your own negative patterns of interacting with the world around you. You’ll gain greater understanding of your relationship and your partner. You will become more mindful and present in your body and learn how to tune in more effectively to your partner. You’ll experience what it’s like to be heard when you speak and you’ll truly hear your partner – perhaps for the first time.

Experience more connection and better sex – and even learn how to fight.

Every couple will argue. In fact, researchers tell us that 69% of problems in a relationship are perpetual, never-ending problems. They are based in values, worldview, culture, or personality. It’s time for you to learn how to finally talk about the deeper roots of your common conflicts and gain tools in managing them.

Don’t ever go to bed angry again.

It’s amazing how lonely we can feel within a relationship. Learn how to reconnect with your partner, rekindle the romance, spark the passion, and even talk about sex. If your partner doesn’t want as much sex as you do or if you feel like your partner is always wanting sex, it’s time to start having real conversations so you can start having really good sex.

Focus on your own unique goals.

You might know exactly what needs help in your relationship. Or maybe you have no idea how you ended up here, so disconnected and unheard. Either way, you’ll work with Kelsey to explore and identify your goals so that you can create a full and energized relationship. Perhaps, just like so many other couples, you want to…

  • Improve conflict resolution, communication skills, and boundary setting to create more respect and trust
  • Change negative relationship patterns to create more relationship fullness
  • Improve romance, passion, pleasure, and emotional connection
  • Learn new and creative ways to have fun together
  • Explore how to be “me” within “us”
  • Find points of connection and opportunities for shared experiences
  • Engage in more and better physical affection and sex (including navigating differing desires between partners, low desire, sexual dysfunctions, and sexual pain)

Give your relationship the gift of forever.

No matter what your goals are, you’ll learn about the most cutting edge science in relationships and neurology that will help shape your relationship for decades to come. Psychoeducation and practical tools will come in a scaffolding style to create the foundation for best retention and learning. While you may need another tune up in the future as a reminder for your every day life, the science you learn here will help you manage hiccups in your relationship now until forever.
Your customized coaching curriculum will be designed to help you strive towards your fullest potential in your relationship as well as in your own personal self. Through a fluid approach of compassionate kindness and direct observation and direction, Kelsey will challenge you to step into your own personal growth and expansion.

Waiting is a waste of time.

Stop wasting your time waiting for things to get better. A watched pot never boils and a waiting disconnected relationship never improves. If you want to start having more fun or more sex or more conversations, stop waiting. Spend less time waiting in loneliness and disappointment. Learn the tools you need to create a successful and happy long-term committed relationship. Discover ways to finally talk about how to have better sex. Practice regulating your own emotions more effectively, tuning in to your partner, and managing your conflicts more successfully.

Get ready for a dramatic transformation in the way you interact with the world around you.

Improving your relationship doesn’t only improve your relationship. As you step into truly satisfying intimacy and connection with your partner, you’ll gain greater self-awareness, strengthen your ability to interact respectfully and compassionately with others, improve your boundaries within other interpersonal relationships, and shift your overall view of the world and your place in it.

Completely confidential. Always.

No matter how high or low profile you are, how busy your life, or how long your relationship – you’re ready for better. For engaged, committed, married, or divorcing relationships, coaching assists you in working actively towards your goals while also honoring and respecting the other responsibilities in your life.
Kelsey regularly works with CEOs, CFOs, founders and leaders of small and large businesses, non-profit foundation members, helping professionals (counselors, coaches, nurses, teachers), performing artists and musicians, engineers, and stay-at-home parents.
Coaching sessions are conducted via video and can accommodate your time zone, work schedule, and family obligations. Kelsey takes your privacy very seriously. Identifying information and coaching session content are kept confidential. Always.

It’s time to get started.

When you know what you want your relationship to look like for the rest of your life, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. Are you ready?

About Kelsey

Kelsey Nimmo is a licensed professional counselor with a masters degree in marriage and couple counseling. She has studied and worked with couples to improve their relationships for 10 years and is especially passionate and trained in the sexual satisfaction of relationships and individuals.

Kelsey’s relationship coaching career began and still thrives through word-of-mouth referrals of couples seeking closer intimacy, friendship, and overall relationship satisfaction. Through her coaching, she does not provide counseling or work with mental health challenges. Her hybrid of counseling and coaching experience allows her a more focused attention on the relationship improvements desired by the client, resulting in more efficient progress.

She specializes in sex therapy and uses her passion and continued education related to physical intimacy to create profound and lasting improved connection, closeness, and understanding between partners. Kelsey works with couples every day to assist them in understanding how to navigate having different desires for frequency or type of sex and what to do when one partner seems to have lost their desire altogether. She recognizes and honors how important good sex is for a satisfying relationship and helps relationships reach their fullest potential through intimacy and connection.

She especially enjoys working with couples to navigate large life changes including pregnancy, parenthood, fertility struggles, career changes, and other identity shifting experiences.

Kelsey strives to help clients have more realistic expectations for long-term relationships, create more closeness and intimacy, and experience the passion and romance they deserve.

Outside of her role as counselor and coach, Kelsey is a mother and wife, novice guitar player, yoga enthusiast, and loves board games.

Learn more about Kelsey here and check out articles she has written.

Complimentary 75-Minute Consultation

Relationship coaching requires an emotional, financial, and time investment to create real life-changing improvements. As your coach, Kelsey is invested in you, too. To make sure she is a good fit for you, you’ll start with a free 75-minute consultation where you’ll learn more about Kelsey’s approach, explore your goals and expectations, and ask any questions you have about the process. You’ll learn right from the beginning if Kelsey’s direct approach of compassionate warmth and dedication to research are a good fit for you. Are you feeling excited yet?


The Experience

The experience of having a licensed professional on your team is life-giving for your relationship. Working with Kelsey means you have consistent and reliable support and expertise to help you learn how to create a happier relationship.

When you choose to support your relationship’s long term health and happiness through relationship coaching, you are investing in:

  • Customized coaching based on your relationship and personal goals utilizing the best evidence-based practices and recent research in relationships and neuroscience
  • Confidential video sessions, accommodating your time zone, work schedule, and life obligations
  • Access to Kelsey via phone and email between sessions
  • Resources and “homework” to assist you in reaching your goals more efficiently with longer-lasting results

While each coaching arrangement looks different and is unique to the challenges of the clients, you can expect to work on some of the following:

  • Explore expectations and goals for your relationship, creating a shared vision within your partnership
  • Reflect on your relationship history, uncover and explore negative patterns and areas of strength
  • Learn and practice evidence-based effective communication strategies that facilitate improved emotional connection, trust, respect, and compassion
  • Explore the role of sexual and physical intimacy within your partnership, including identifying and practicing creative ways to experience more passion and connection
  • Create a plan for the future to maintain positive improvements, overcome upcoming challenges, and create long-term relationship happiness full of love, admiration, patience, and passion

When both partners enter into relationship coaching, goals are often met more quickly and effectively. Partners work together to create their own shared vision of their relationship, improve communication techniques and conflict resolution, and create more closeness and intimacy.

Relationship coaching can also be accomplished effectively with only one partner participating. Your partnership is an intricate dance. As you step into relationship coaching individually, you learn ways to improve the dance by improving your own techniques, moves, and style.

Even if you are not in a current relationship, you may still benefit from relationship coaching. If you have a history of challenging and unsuccessful relationships and aren’t sure how to change the pattern, relationship coaching can improve your personal awareness and understanding of your approach to committed relationships and intimacy. You’ll learn to transcend some of your old negative interpersonal patterns, improve your boundaries, create more realistic expectations, and set you up for successful meaningful connections in your future relationships.


Coaching vs. Counseling

Coaching is not meant for people suffering from debilitating depression, anxiety, or trauma/PTSD. If you are struggling with any of these experiences or ongoing substance abuse/addiction, it is best for you reach out to a local mental health professional to assist you in processing and recovery prior to starting relationship coaching.

While coaching and counseling have many similarities, it is important to note that counseling licensing is often state-specific. Therefore, mental health counseling with Kelsey is only available within the state of Michigan.

Coaching with Kelsey incorporates many of the same evidence-based approaches that counseling may involve. However, any current mental health concerns, trauma experiences that need processing, or ongoing substance abuse or addiction are not appropriate topics for coaching. In the event of these experiences, Kelsey will refer you to a local mental health professional in your state.